Wholesale Shipping

Wholesale Shipping


Toll Group has acquired Courier Australia and as a result, our customers will now have access to the largest transport and logistics network in Australia.
The business of looking after our customer's freight and making sure it arrives on time and in full. Toll IPEC is synonymous with complete care and a high standard of security.

We understand that every step of the process is important, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our staff uphold the strict security checks, operational processes and regulatory requirements at each and every stage. To achieve this, our security and loss prevention strategies are designed and implemented in accordance with the AS/NZS:4360 Risk Management Standards.

We boast some of the best electronic security systems available, which are supported by a comprehensive national infrastructure of specifically trained highly skilled security experts. Our unique security systems include CCTV, access control, GPS Tracking, and even Video Freight Tracking capabilities which provides both video and photographic records of parcels as they are sorted.

Toll IPEC is the subject of regular independent audit providing us with a current Certificate of Security Compliance as issued by the Australian Security Industry Association.

Toll IPEC is a Commonwealth Government SCEC endorsed transport carrier to provide overnight transportation services for items classified as Secret and Highly Protected.

When you choose Toll IPEC, you can be confident that we treat every delivery item as if it's our own.

Road Express

For timely metropolitan, regional or capital city deliveries, your parcels and pallets can be delivered across Australia door to door by road.

Toll IPEC controls hundreds of linehaul movements every night across our vast network to ensure your goods are delivered within a national delivery guide timetable.

Types of freight include:

  • Cartons and parcels
  • Cartonised pallet freight (up to 2 pallets per consignment)
  • Break bulk pallets (multiple distribution points)
  • Modules & freight cells (for extra protection and security)


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