Franchisors Opportunities



Franchisors are the driving force of the HERBAL PACKS system. They are responsible for recruiting, training and supporting Franchisees, which includes finding them shopping centers and providing practical and moral support.
They are ‘hands on' – usually operating a franchise themselves while building and supporting their team.

Franchisors set an example of hard work and customer service. They can help others to run a successful business because they've done it themselves. It is a demanding role that combines practical ability with a high level of personal and business management skills.

Franchisors must provide strong leadership, helping Franchisees to understand where they may be going wrong. But treating them at all times with the utmost respect and consideration. In our terms, Franchisees are customers rather than subordinates.

The primary focus of a Franchisor is helping their people to succeed. Our surveys show that Franchisors of fast growing Regions are frequently in contact with their Franchisees, responding fast to calls and phoning each Franchisee at least once a month. They are also expected to hold regular meetings and conduct business reviews.

Franchisors will be expected to have a first-rate employment or business history, a commitment to customer service, and an obvious passion for helping other people to succeed. There is a tough and quite lengthy selection process, involving interviews and attendance at our three-day Franchisor induction course before any final decision is made


There are a number of advantages to being involved in the HERBAL PACK System. Being number one gives HERBAL PACK Franchisees a huge advantage when it comes to work. As a group at most times of the year we have more work than they can handle, in fact, around 20 shopping centers a month call us

HERBAL PACK is a lifestyle business. Be your own boss, working your own hours, and with the opportunity to build without limit. And yet with the backup and security of an established, proven system.

HERBAL PACK for all its size, is still a personal business. HERBAL PACK Group is owned 100% AUSTRAILAN owned . Every Franchisee is given his personal Email and contact number and invited to call him any time. Every year, hundreds do.

HERBAL PACK We Work for You! We treat customers like royalty, as Franchisees you are our customers and get the very best help and support.

There are great benefits to being part of HERBAL PACK: Strong Name; good reputation; proven system; ongoing support; training; options to grow; great network for help and much more.


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